Character stable #36

The most recently played characters are listed first, aside from the graveyard, where the highest wargamey experience gets priority place.

Characters in Coup de Greyhawk, in the world of Greyhawk

  • Ælfstan, a psionic monk who lives in poverty and has opinions about organized religions. In Gnarley woods in Greyhawk. Level 4, wargamish experience 7234, modern D&D experience +1156 and average attribute +1, wargamish average attribute 13.
  • Gotdorfd, a very unfortunate pickpocket who was caught and pressed into service as a dungeon guide in Great kingdom, in the world of Greyhawk. Currently adventuring in Gnarley woods. Level 3, experience 3775, average attribute 10.
  • Jussi Puska, a ranger who can not fight with two weapons, adventuring in Gnarley forest in Greyhawk. Level 1, average attribute 13, experience 1308.
  • Jarque, a Maldorean knight out on an adventure in Maure castle, in Flanaess. Level 1, experience 415, average attribute 11.
  • Guinevere, the current queen of Camelot, but now adventuring in Greyhawk. Average attribute 12, level 1, wargamey experience 159, miscellaneous experience 240.
  • A dungeon badger in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk. Hit dice 2, average attribute 11.

Tournament of fear survivors

These characters are technically in Coup de Greyhawk, but I would not mind playing one of them in another campaign, either.

  • Geoff, a noble from Ammeni, out in the world to have fun and make trade agreements. Level 1, experience 25, average attribute 10.
  • Melville, a poor Parisian master clerk. Level 3, experience 315, average attribute 10.
  • Jack Stone, a mage who used to rule the streets of a modern city, now transported by paradox into this fantasy land. Level 1, experience 10, average attribute 11.
  • Duran-Dûn, a dwarfish mine foreman out to gather an army and take back his position and home. Hit dice 2, average attribute 16.
  • Ostrot, an extraplanar rat-monster with a terrible bite. Hit die 2, average attribute 12.
  • Seela, a praedor against her will. Level 1, experience 0, average attribute 11.

Characters in Rajamaat 2, in Wilderlands of high fantasy

  • Kaumil, a wood elven archer adventuring in Wilderlands of high fantasy, near Modron. Level 2, average attribute 13, modern D&D experience 1000, cheap wargamey experience 3151.
  • Senja, a mercenary who would rather not kill; currently seeking initiation with Mitra. Adventuring in Wilderlands of high fantasy, near Modron and a keep on the borderlands. Level 5, total experience 16866, average attribute 11. Wargamey experience 1656, cheap wargamey experience 13428, miscellaneous experience 1782.

Characters in the Tunnels and trolls game of Manu

  • Hayoshiko Egoshi, a samurai adventurer. Level 1, adventure points 713, average attribute 10.
  • Daralr, an Orlanthi shaman from Glorantha. Level 1, adventure points 476, average attribute 13.

Free characters

  • Jorma, a mouse ranger, robbed a bank in a big oak.
  • Rufus Hale, an enforcer.
  • Zeilee with alias «Tsai», a mechanic and space wreck looter. Level 1, experience 10, average attribute 11. Escaped from a creepy collapsing spaceship with some loot and a military general from fifteen years ago.
  • Bonicalcus, a drug-addicted underground alchemist and healer under a fantasy metropolis. Average attribute 11, highest skill value 64 %
  • athes, a cruel pseudo-mongol mounted archer. From Barren lands in Greyhawk and adventuring in Theranos. Level 5, average attribute 11. Wargamish experience 145, modern D&D experience 6070.
  • Lambros, a stoneman and a newly initiated thief. Strides 3, average attribute one dot.
  • Vasana, a heavy cavalrywoman of the Ernaldori clan of the Colymar Tribe, in Glorantha. Average attribute 14, highest skills and affinities 90 %.
  • Torgun Sigurddottir, a skjoldmøy from a shattered Norden, adventured last near Saxon. Level 2, adventure points 229, average attribute 10.
  • Melaku, a godbound in the village of Waja, in Ancalja. Level 1, average attribute 15, experience 2, spent influence 0.
  • Sølv, a human leader who owns a great farm, last seen in Saxon. First level, 73 adventure points, average attribute 13.
  • Shahu, a human merchant (or maybe a naga wizard) working for the glory of his trade company (or maybe nest). Currently active near Saxon. Level 1, personal adds -1, total adventure points 358.
  • Pönk, level 4 wolf troll warrior in the empire of Khazan, near Saxon. Personal adds 41, total adventure points 624.
  • An orcish archer, rampaging through dwarven mines.
  • A human adventurer who is quite certain they are born in a wrong body, being actually an elf. Cursed to burn eternally, suffering from terrible pain, but surviving regardless.
  • A swashbuckler buckling the swashes in northern Golarion. Level 1, average attribute 12.
  • Imhotep, a mummy masquerading as a historian in the modern Paris, though still wishing for the good old times to come back.
  • A teenage nerd mage, quite good with telekinesis.
  • Torakka, a superhero with the powers and inclinations of a cockroach.
  • A paladin, doing paladiny things in some fantasy world. Level 1, average attribute 12, experience 3.
  • A barbarian, strong and not very social. Level 1, average attribute 13.
  • An elf, level 1, experience 100, last seen adventuring in castle Caldwell.
  • A stalker who faced spooky outlines of people in the zone.
  • A young priest and praedor in Jaconia.
  • A noble of light in the Star wars very extended universe.
  • A student of statistics that has heard of the first signs of a coming zombie apocalypse.
  • A bear using a big log as a weapon. Level two, experience 135, average attribute +2.
  • A commando on a task in a near future banana republic in Middle or South America.
  • A mercenary minotaur illusionist, using walls of silence and darkness to obscure his position, while using grenades and a machine gun to deal with his enemies.
  • A doppelgänger, hit die 1, average attribute 14.


  • Fridswid, a young witch whom the oracle of Zagyg killed with a death spell, while she was hoping to release the oracle. Level 2, wargamey experience 1945, miscellaneous experience 1020.
  • Blarg, forest troll warrior died in the empire of Khazan, near Saxon, killed while simultaneously killing a horrid necrolyte and saving the village. Level 2, adventure points 1560.
  • Pöö, a warrior in the empire of Khazan, died in the blood feud of Saxon. Level 1, adventure points 1483.
  • Garkromm, a savage entertainer from Abbor-Alz in Greyhawk, died in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk, eaten by a fire beetle. Level 1, experience 268.
  • Rodaria, a seamstress from the city of Greyhawk, died in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk, pierced by two spears to their gut, one ripped out by a (friendly?) barbarian. Level 1, experience 209.
  • Ottar, a chieftain from Sogndal, perished in Buffalo castle. Level 1, adventure points 127.
  • Atticus, an exiled Roman senator, killed by a giant spider in an elven slave torture dungeon. Level 1, adventure points 84.
  • Mitlar, a human warrior who was slain by killer bees in Buffalo castle while also killing them. Level 2, adventure points 62.
  • Wohoo the gargoyle warrior, level 1, killed by an orc at the exit of Buffalo castle in Khazan Empire. 42 adventure points.
  • Möö the urook warrior, level 1, died in a pit in Buffalo castle, killed by an orc. Empire of Khazan in Trollworld. 5 adventure points.
  • Ranrance, a first level thief of small stature, mauled by a magical owlbear statue in Greyhawk. Level 1, experience 0.
  • A character killed by an animate mushroom, while trying to climb up from a cave. Level 1, experience 0.
  • A first level thief, died by lizardfolk or fishfolk in some abandoned mine dungeon. Level 1, experience 0.
  • Lone wolf, a kai aspirant, who was killed by a helghast while seeking Sommerswerd.
  • A coast guard that died when a Great old one destroyed the ghost ship they were investigating.
  • An advanced robot that did not manage to convince the judges that it had learnt what humanity is.

Character stable #36


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