Brennandi vikingar at Midgardcon 2022

Vikings have returned to their village of Iskbýr after a modestly successful raid on an Irish cloister. The characters have each various issues, some of which are likely to be resolved one way or another. Below I sketch some characters in terms of who they are and which issues are pertinent to them, plus any potential warnings or requirements for players.

Eirik Ívarssen

Rules over the village, 17 years. His father was killed and mother married by an usurper Viljar who took power; Eirik got away, was raised by Halvar, came back under a false name, killed a troll, rescued his mother from a draugr that used to be his father, and then let the draugr in to kill Viljar. Eirik had to defend the draugr by killing the usurper’s son, and later many in a group that came seeking revenge. Nobody has dared to challenge him, but many are terrified about what the future will bring.

  • Issue: life is not worth living
  • Goal: show to mother and the others that I am as good a ruler as my father was
  • Position: you led the raid, you have the valuables and the slaves to give
  • Recommendation: a central character sure to be involved

Leita wyrdspeaker

A völva, 20 years. Icelandic. Taught by Leggja the witch, assisted Eirik and stood (loyally?) by his side.

  • Issue: loyalty to Eirik or Leggja or own ambition?
  • Position: foreigner, was on the raid, closer to Eirik than most are
  • Recommendation: a potent character benefits from an active player

Brother Eamon

A thrall, was a custodian at the cloister. 32 years old, Christian nerd with no particular power for miracles either. A poor control of the language.

  • Issue: For what purpose did God bring me here?
  • Issue: Can and should I stick to the faith and the monastery vows?
  • Position: a thrall, to be given to someone by Eirik
  • Recommendation: this is not a powerful character; play at your own peril


Effectively Eirik’s foster-father. Seaman, fisher, viking, 32 years old.

  • Issue: what has Eirik become and what can I do about it?
  • Goal: settle down and marry, get children, some fishing boats, etc.
  • Position: you were effectively the second-in-command and the mastermind behind the raid


A hunter, 40 years. Eirik killed many of your friends, including the closest ones. You knew his father Ívarr, who was no great ruler, either.

  • Issue: you are not young and would not risk everything, but is Eirik’s rule something to be tolerated?
  • Position: Eirik does not trust you. You were not along on the raid.

Thorbi Leifsdottir

A divorced woman who owns a nice farm, 22 years. Her husband was cursed to awful luck and eventually ran away with an elf, so now she has the potential to become wealthy and independent.

  • Issue: freedom and independence is nice, but assistance to survive the winter is needed, too
  • Goal: wealth or friends
  • Position: A young woman envied by many. Was not on the raid.
  • Recommendation: requires a particularly pro-active player


A witch, 43 years old. Was exiled and in fact the original reason for Ívarr’s death and what followed, still bitter at everyone for it. The mentor of Leita, who managed to life her exile as Eirik came to power.

Ívarr and Viljar, once friends, both fell in love with you, and decided amongst themselves how to resolve the matter, never as much as asking you or letting you know of it all. It did not take much to drive them against each other and to rescue Eirik, whom you had foreseen to take his revenge.

  • Goal: ruin, bitter ruin, to Ívarr’s line and to Viljar’s, too, for how they treated you
  • Issue: But what of Leita, your apprentice, who aided you greatly and seems to have her designs?
  • Position: you are feared and avoided, but also respected
  • Recommendation: might be best with a player who is not a total beginner, or as an NPC
Brennandi vikingar at Midgardcon 2022


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