Character stable #29

I include some numbers that give an idea for the power level of the character.

  • A dungeon badger in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk. Hit dice 2, average attribute 11.
  • Guinevere, the current queen of Camelot, but now adventuring in Greyhawk. Average attribute 12, level 1, experience 399.
  • Pönk, level 4 wolf troll warrior in the empire of Khazan, near Saxon. Personal adds 41, total adventure points 624.
  • Shahu, a human merchant (or maybe a naga wizard) working for the glory of his trade company (or maybe nest). Currently active near Saxon. Level 1, personal adds -1, total adventure points 358.
  • Ælfstan, a psionic monk who lives in poverty and has opinions about organized religions. In Gnarley woods in Greyhawk. Level 3, wargamish experience 3999, modern D&D experience +1156 and average attribute +1, wargamish average attribute 13. Poisoned by a hydra to eternal sleep.
  • Gotfried, a very unfortunate pickpocket who was caught and pressed into service as a dungeon guide in Great kingdom, in the world of Greyhawk. Currently adventuring in Gnarley woods. Level 1, experience 367, average attribute 10.
  • athes, a cruel pseudo-mongol mounted archer. From Barren lands in Greyhawk and adventuring in Middle kingdoms. Level 4, average attribute 11. Wargamish experience 145, modern D&D experience 6070.
  • Sølv, a human leader who owns a great farm, last seen in Saxon. First level, 73 adventure points, average attribute 13.
  • Melaku, a godbound in the village of Waja, in Ancalja. Level 1, average attribute 15, experience 2, spent influence 0.
  • Torgun Sigurddottir, a skjoldmøy from a shattered Norden, adventured last near Saxon. Level 2, adventure points 229, average attribute 10.
  • Vasana, a heavy cavalrywoman of the Ernaldori clan of the Colymar Tribe, in Glorantha. Average attribute 14, highest skills and affinities 90 %.
  • Fridswid, a young witch adventuring with elves in Castle Greyhawk. Level 2, experience 2548, average attribute 12.
  • Senja, an outdoorswoman and commander who would rather not kill. Adventuring in Wilderlands of high fantasy, near the city of Modron. Level 3, experience 3498, average attribute 11.


  • Blarg, forest troll warrior died in the empire of Khazan, near Saxon, killed while simultaneously killing a horrid necrolyte and saving the village. Level 2, adventure points 1560.
  • Pöö, a warrior in the empire of Khazan, died in the blood feud of Saxon. Level 1, adventure points 1483.
  • Garkromm, a savage entertainer from Abbor-Alz in Greyhawk, died in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk, eaten by a fire beetle. Level 1, experience 268.
  • Rodaria, a seamstress from the city of Greyhawk, died in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk, pierced by two spears to their gut, one ripped out by a (friendly?) barbarian. Level 1, experience 209.
  • Ottar, a chieftain from Sogndal, perished in Buffalo castle. Level 1, adventure points 127.
  • Mitlar, a human warrior who was slain by killer bees in Buffalo castle while also killing them. Level 2, adventure points 62.
  • Wohoo the gargoyle warrior, level 1, killed by an orc at the exit of Buffalo castle in Khazan Empire. 42 adventure points.
  • Möö the urook warrior, level 1, died in a pit in Buffalo castle, killed by an orc. Empire of Khazan in Trollworld. 5 adventure points.
  • Ranrance, a first level thief of small stature, mauled by a magical owlbear statue in Greyhawk. Level 1, experience 0.

Character stable #29


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