A free wargame in Mernua

A free wargame of indetermine length and the more players, the merrier.

  • The fantasy continent of Mernua has been breaking apart in a magical way. Strange forces have been awakening. Civilization is in decline.
  • A number of coincidences tell that now is the decisive moment.
  • I list a number of actors, from the roughly most influential to the least.

The gameplay loop

  • The game master briefs every player on their situation and what they know.
  • The players ask questions of the game master, interact with each other (if they have established lines of communication) and eventually submit their orders, as detailed and accurate as they want. Also standing orders are possible.
  • The game master resolves everything until a major decision point comes up for at least one player character. Then a new turn starts.

Resolution happens by neutral refereeing along free kriegsspiel practises.

The game does not have explicit victory conditions: we play until the situation is resolved to a satisfactory degree, and then take stock of how things resolved. How well did each faction do, considering their strength and goals?

Factions, which means characters

The information here is public, and correspondingly might be inaccurate or misleading.

Hecatoncheires, as per monster in D&D 3 and inspired by Greek mythology, is a terrible creature that can kill gods, should it manage to get within sword-reach of them. Untouchable by mortal might and magic, terribly fast and powerful, only the gods can hope to challenge it, and even they are likely to perish. It wills the destruction of civilization and death to gods. The only problem is that there is only one of it, and it can only do so much. Whom to kill first?

Thanatos, the god of death, law and civilization, has a church that essentially controls the metropolis of Joli and surrounding lands. The metropolis is an overseas trading hub. Thanatos knows and controls life and death, with the more careful metaphysics not public knowledge. The church commands armies, assassins, inquisitors and holy men and women. The will of Thanatos is uncertain: to retain things as they are, or a great deal of death to empower some powerful divine deed?

Sibilant shadow, a storm dragon long dead, does not mind the lack of life, but spreads its lightning storms over the realm and whispers into the ears of its chosen ones. Does it yearn for a physical body, destruction or rulership?

A modern human civilization, with the fantasy realm puncturing a way into an inconsequential metro tunnel, has discovered a wondrous world of dinosaurs and fantasy. New natural resources, clean air, land and knowledge to be taken, or maybe preserved. As if.

A lich has acquired an artefact, the Tome of ways and gates. It holds the power to close the gates and stop the world from breaking apart, or to escalate the events, or doubtless many other things. Though with less forces than others, it holds a diplomatic and arcane key.

Space aliens, their main force embroidered in distant galactic wars, have sent a small scouting force here. Their technological might is great, but numbers insignificantly few. They swear to be uninterested observers, never to influence the way things go, only to protect them from evil space bugs. Certainly they lie.

Durinewaha, a great swamp dragon expanding its swamp of the dead further, empowered by the constant rains.

Yara, the archmage in Joli, with unknown powers and lust for power and knowledge.

Fanuel, an angel out on an impossible task to build a fortress of good, right in the middle of everything.

Minor factions include a dungeon keeper embroidered in their underground war, but also with access to the surface, some elves in their forests, a dwarven kingdom, a force of hobgoblins, the scattered knights of the demonic Red legion and goblins who worship giant spiders in their woods. There are also some hidden minor factions that might get involved. Ask.

A free wargame in Mernua


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