Into the space wizard’s dungeon

Some thirty kilometers from the village of Caermor, on a mountain on the edge of the Dragon (or Serpent) mountain, there is a dungeon. People have went in and some of them have came back, telling stories of mutants, goblins, items of power, and deep chasms. In particular, you know that the adventure is likely to include climbing (bring ropes and maybe other relevant stuff).

Caermor itself had a problem with a devil-worshipping cult, which was recently eradicated. Now they are missing some key figures of the village. Below, I’ll first give a few rumours about what is going on in Caermor (probably irrelevant for this adventure, but who knows), and thereafter add former player notes and handouts concerning this adventure location. These represent rumours and other information the characters have managed to get their hands on.

Rumours in Caermor:

  • MacHeath, the pubkeeper, was just profiting off the hard work and farming of others. He was always a lazy bastard, and see where that took him – diabolism. That’s what you get for not doing hard work.
  • Don’t talk about gods in Caermor. They don’t like to hear it. They have some obscure storm god their worship. Or maybe an earth god.
  • Mother Gloam was a wise woman and one of the best people here. I wonder what went wrong and where she is now.

Possible motivations for dungeon delving:

  • The helmet of stargazing of the wizard that used to live there. It is supposed to be an item of power.
  • Money and magical treasures in general.
  • A local went in there with some adventurers but never came back! Go and rescue them. 100 xp (and 3d6 gold coins from locals) if you do.


We’ll try to create characters before play. Use an established Holmes D&D character, create a new one, convert one, or let me give you a charactert.

We’ll discuss if the characters are strangers or from around here. Being a local, in the wider sense of the word, will give extra information to start with.

Once start playing, you can decide to either pay for food for four days of travel there (and maybe save three days of food for the trip back) and just start at the dungeon entrance, or we can play through the travel, with all the possible complications that implies. If you want to gather extra info or get hirelings or other stuff in the village, we’ll handle it quickly and abstractly. But I am fine with it. Might even be a good idea.

Into the space wizard’s dungeon


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