New Burning wheel (mini-)campaign

  • Three or four players.
  • Fixed schedule: weekends, some reasonable time for Europeans (with family), once every two weeks. Zeroth session up to negotiation, but maybe on 27th or 28th February?
  • Let us aim for a short game of five to ten actual sessions, plus session zero and some reflection after we are done. If we want to continue after that, sure; the reflection can also be the next session zero.
  • Discord or similar for voice, Roll20 for character sheets etc. Preferably video during the zeroth session so that we become more of people to each other.


I would like to get at least one, but preferably two, of these in play:

  • A historical setting or some other game world with an interesting social environment taken seriously in play. Besides a historical time and place (maybe with period-appropriate supernatural), some options might be World of Near, my D&D soup world Mernua, or if someone is an expert, Glorantha or Tekumél.
  • Serious use of range and cover, mounts or sorcery.
  • Play takes places within a community of fairly modest size, like a village, mages’ covenant, monastery or a pirate ship.


These are just examples; other stuff is very possible.

  • Setting up a mages’ covenant: at least one sorcerer, maybe more, are trying to do exactly that. How does it work? We’ll see at least one, but probably more, of the following: politics, logistics and economy, dungeoneering if we go with a D&D world. Plus any interpersonal issues.
  • The village game: we’ll take a village, or a pirate ship, or some other close-knit community and follow the dramatic parts of their life. Maybe a moment of crisis, maybe some teenager growth stories or local adventures, certainly relationship drama.
  • Range and cover: whatever session and situation where martial conflict from afar is likely to play a major role. Musketeer-era France, maybe, since I have been reading up a bit on that? Or just the dungeon commando stuff via Burning thac0. But I want ranged combats in an open field, in a forest, in twisting streets or dungeon corridors, etc. Put R&C through its paces.
  • Fairy tale fantasy: We’ll take some fairy tales, choose characters from those and mix them together into a situation. Then we play to see the characters fight for what they believe in.
  • Or maybe someone has a character they would really like to play, preferably one they have played before but their story is not finished yet? Why not build the game around them.
New Burning wheel (mini-)campaign


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