How to play Miseries and misfortunes?

I see two options: brutal slice of life and urban old school play. I think both of them would be credible ways of using the rules. Based on Luke Crane’s reports at the forums, , he seems to be going more for drama and brutal slices of life.

Brutal slice of life

This is actually just how Eero Tuovinen sees Cyberpunk, so why not read that:

We play characters, pretty true to the historical period, who are about to face violence, verbal or physical. We want to see how they survive and at what price. (Mortal coil is very generous; a character might die after the situation, but is virtually guaranteed to not do it in action.)

Do they become rich or poor? Lose friends, make enemies, or the other way around? Learn or use some magic? Lose or gain reputation? The game is well-equipped to provide answers to these questions.

After the action a number of characters are likely to test mortal coil, which almost certainly has those characters recuperating for months, though some might die or only be off play for weeks or even days.

Something missing

The game is completely silent on what happens during the downtime for characters who are not active, or for those who are, for that matter. Given that many characters are likely to face financial ruin fresh from character creation, this becomes important as soon as the first adventure is completed.

Urban old school play

Here, we play characters who have ambitions, and we try to get them to succeed at those and do well in life. The game master does the neutral referee thing; provides an environment for the play to happen, referees the goings-on, etc.

Play consists of essentially two phases that alternate: A laid-off downtime phase, where the characters might do some light activity and fish for adventure hooks, and then the actual adventures themselves. Whereas in the slice of life play the game master is responsible for coming up with adventures, here it is the players who try to find profitable ones while avoiding the dangerous and stupid random encounters that might mess them up for no good reason.

The same downtime rules are missing as above, and maybe to a larger degree.

A discord server

One purpose is to discuss the game. Another purpose is to find people to play the game with. Welcome.

How to play Miseries and misfortunes?

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