Character stable #6

Now all the characters in the stable have been played this year. An interesting observation is that playing a session or two of D&D 5 is a fine way of advancing a character to second and maybe even third level, pretty much irrespective of the game content and character ability. All the characters are currently converted to some variety of D&D; a few to D&D 5 or variant thereof, a few to Eero’s Coup de Greyhawk campaign.

If there is a one-shot or a possibility to visit a game where I can play one of these characters, I am interested. A pity to leave a character unplayed. Starts from the ones who have been gathering dust the longest.

I include some numbers that give an idea for the power level of the character.

  • Shahu, a human mechant (or maybe a yuan-ti sorcerer) working for the glory of his trade company (or maybe nest). Currently active in Scorching wastes, in Mernua. Level 1, xp 120, average stat 11.
  • athes, a cruel pseudo-mongol mounted archer. From Barren lands in Greyhawk, and now in Adventure guild’s world’s past. Level 2, experience 850, average stat 11.
  • Ælfstan, a near-heretical monk who lives in poverty. In Adventure guild’s world. Level 3, experience 1406, average stat 15.
  • Fridswid, a young witch in Yggsburg in Greyhawk. Level 2, experience 1830, average attribute 12.
  • Senja, a leather-clad mercenaress who would rather not kill. Adventuring in Hot springs island, in Al-Qadim. Level 3, experience 1228, average attribute 12.
  • Gotfried, a very unfortunate pickpocket who was caught and pressed into service as a dungeon guide. In the city of Greyhawk. Level 1, experience 0, average attribute 9.

Character stable #6


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