The aliens help those who help them

A flying thing, the size of a small fortress, made of yellowish metal appears above, shooting blue flames below and behind it. Your characters hear the rumbling, but in their mind they also hear Israte’s voice asking them to come to the ship. Those who say no are free to go; those who say yes are taken in. This happens to the following characters when the opportunity or downtime presents itself:

  • Conradin of Wherf
  • Gurra Sanduli
  • Snena
  • Gumarik
  • Faerin

A smaller vessel, maybe like a wagon or a sled, comes down to pick up those who wish to fly up. Inside they first land in a large hall with several more such vessels, all un-manned, and many creatures like Israte: two to two and a half metres tall, skin like cracked earth and between red and blue in colour, though always slightly dulled; no mouth, but eyes which flash in different colours. Many have long straight hair like a long pony-tail of ropes. Some of them wear harnesses, some what seems to be a breastplate with some selected pieces of armour on legs and arms, too.

From there the characters are escorted to some kind of meeting room. There you are greeted by one of the creatures, skin more cracked than usual and giving off a certain impression of great power, flanked by two breastplate-clad warriors. It presents itself as Ilgu, a templar of its kind.

The news is that they have not found any signs of the enemy. The enemy might still be present, but hiding or dormant, but for now, things seem fine. They have set up a warning system in case the enemy approaches.

For your effort in helping Israte you are offered one gift each. The opportunities follow. In addition, to each of you separately, Ilgu offers the possibility to act as an agent on their behalf; this would mean, in addition to a gift offered below, access to their database and information and constant telepathic communication with them, but also some concrete and some open-ended tasks to accomplish; these would be exploring places or finding particular types of places, and possibly establishing networks of reliable and influential people to prepare for the enemy’s possible arrival. Faerin only gets this opportunity if he chooses to be healed of his affliction. In fact, they are desperate enough for agents that if only one character chooses it, they get to pick an extra reward.


  • Psycho-physical adjustment, i.e. messing with ability scores. Choose any one: increase any stat you choose by one, increase two random stats by one, increase three lowest stats by one, increase one stat you choose by d4 but reduce another you choose by d4, swap any two stats you choose.
  • Healing: any permanent wound is healed to be better than it used to be. For Faerin, this can also mean the mental wound, but this would amount to a permanent change of character class or at least patron, but also +1 wisdom.
  • Miscellaneous improvement: learn a skill (but not arcana, nature, religion or history), get a saving thrown proficiency, permanent increase of a movement speed by 10′, permanent 1 hit point per level (including for future levels), fast language learning (one week to usability, two to fluency, month to native-like skill if the language is in active use, for example if you practice speaking with someone daily; learning from a written source is not helped), or something similar.
  • A technological or a psionic item. Ask for something.
  • Information about whatever you choose, as much as they know. (No, they will not reveal their own secrets.)

Furthermore, any character interested in space exploration or living their life in a world far away from here can choose that, instead. This means having the character retire from this game. But who knows? Maybe there is a scifi game where you can play them or their space ship crashlands on some other fantasy world.

The aliens help those who help them


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