The dragon’s hoard and the terrible mushrooms

Near the village of Melford there are small ruins of an ancient city’s gatehouse, the city having been swallowed by the woods. A group of adventurers killed several goblins there, the goblins having captured local farmers with families, some of whom were saved. Later another group of adventurers ventured in. Only one came back, clearly rattled to the core, mumbling about a dead wyrm’s treasure and terrible mushrooms.

You are the next ones who venture in.


  • Sunday 21st, starting around midday European time. (Default 13:00 Finnish time, 12:00 Norwegian time, but can be adjusted.)
  • Player-driven, can be over quickly or take a long time. Four hours should be enough.
  • Up to six players.
  • Rules system is flailsnails / generic OSR D&D. Please come with a character you have played in some D&D-like system. We will make use of their level, attributes, hit points and spells, and maybe also other details. You can also ask if you can bring in a character from some other system or make an entirely new character.
  • One-shot, but I run campaigns and one-shots in the same world.
  • Voice via Discord, maybe mapping and such via Roll20.
  • Style of play is challenge-oriented dungeoneering. Meet strange creatures, traps, and other dangers, try to survive, get rich, and get out alive. Your skill as a player is what counts. There will be a focus on meeting things, problem-solving and social interaction, with almost no emphasis on navigation (drawing maps and such), and possibly some combat. But play is player-driven, so nobody can know for sure.


The rumours told by the insane adventurer are represented by the notes of players whose characters have ventured into the ruins. Make what use of them you can.

The dragon’s hoard and the terrible mushrooms


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