The crystal is awakened

A light blue crystal growth, tens of meters/yards tall, rose up from the hill and closed the gap behind it. It is roughly the shape of two cones, combined so that the broad ends are together. The pointed ends are pointing up and down. There are some constructions of yellowish metal around the midheight of the crystal. It levitates slightly.

The crystal stores some ancestors of Israte. Furthermore, it communicates by telepathy with her, stores vast amounts of knowledge, and also processes it. It senses some impressions from its surroundings, but not by conventional senses. It sent a message to the sky. Response might come in days or in years.

Rewards for helping Israte

Alternatives. Everyone who was involved can choose one. The weapon Israte used was already chosen:

  • Access and contact with the crystal. Character has access to Wikipedia and computational capabilities of an advanced starfaring civilization, as well as telepathic contact with others with the access, up to certain distance from the crystal. Player can take a modern perspective on matters such as religion and society, as well as engineering and science. They have a reasonable idea of how to use common futuristic technology. They get to add their proficiency bonus on relevant tool and ability checks while in contact with the crystal, and half of it while not in contact.
  • The device that was used to find the crystal. Israte can recalibrate it to find something else with a strong psychic imprint, such as the undead you just met, or the breach in reality.
  • A possibly larger reward, once the help Israte summoned arrives.

What Israte and the crystal claim is true

  • The undead creature tried to contact the crystal. It is psychically strong and used the name Quinmerina. It seems to be looking for the breach in reality.
  • The breach in reality is south of Melford. There are two separate things going on there, but it is too far for anything more to be said.
  • In the dungeons below the crystal there are: two gigantic centipedes, hundreds of intelligent and telepathic but normal-sized snails, on the order of ten giant ants, a psychically strong snake-creature, and lower down intelligent rats and other inhabitants.
  • There are some communities of intelligent beings living in the nearby hills.
  • The city of Arkinsburg (maybe 5 miles / 8 kilometers from the crystal) has the following residents: the angel Fanuel (who visited the crystal and gave some of the following information), about 10 usual intelligent inhabitants and some twenty animals.
  • Everyone who enters with a pure heart is more than welcome at Arkinsburg, and others are unlikely to be turned away, either. There is shelter and a small library of local lore, which might be useful.
  • Somewhere north to northwest there are shadows and death bleeding into this world. Fanuel mentioned Shadowfell and the dungeons of a crumbled keep standing thereupon.
  • Somewhere south to southwest there is a region of death, ambition and spite.
  • The storms come from north and are manifestations of revenge and rage.
  • The unusually hot weather is due to some spirit of cold that left the area.
  • There is an army of goblinoids in the Red castle to the west. Scouts roam through the forests even here.
The crystal is awakened


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