Brightstone keep and the former prisoners

The keep is in bad condition – the walls have several gaps and holes, and the buildings need renovation.

The keep

Each of the three towers has three floors – ground floor, middle floor and top/roof, which is crenellated. The towers have arrowslits, so that one can see and shoot to the outside of the keep.

The track that leads to the keep leads through a corridor through one of the towers. There are murderholes there, and there used to be portcullises, of which the one that blocks the way from the corridor to the courtyard is still present, and even in good shape.

Next to another tower there is, on the courtyard, a roof that acted as a shelter for draft animals (there are no stables), but on which one could also easily walk.

The third tower is farthest from the track leading to the keep and has no special features, aside from broken floor on the middle level of the tower.

There are two further buildings, both of which are built to be parts of the wall. They have a large common room (for eating and sleeping), a large kitchen, and a mix of smaller rooms for storage or office space. They have doors both to the inside and outside of the keep.

The mine

It has a sturdy, heavily reinforced door. There are several tunnels, many of which have not been explored.

The former prisoners

All are wearing dirt, shit, caked blood and rags. All have scars, sores and many have open wounds.

  • Tirdorolene Colvan, human, around 20. Does not really talk to anyone, and gets visible anxious if approached.
  • Keesadia Colvan, human around 30. Very thankful for everyone, especially to all the amazing mages who killed the terrible trolls and Kurjan, the orcish necromancer. Told the name of Tirdorolene. Looks to be in reasonable physical and mental condition.
  • Baljelyn Berk, quite old human. Mind is still sharp. Claims to be an alchemist and an engineer, and oversaw some of the mining operation.
  • Lynja Zella, human in her forties.  Says these orcs were almost as bad as the pirates she had to work for earlier. In quite good shape, all things considered.
  • Greymac Yarplen, human, around 30. Terribly bitter and hostile. Tortured one of the goblins he managed to catch.
  • Ravenilda Copperdeep, a dwarf from a merchant clan. Middle aged. Wary of many of you.
  • Malgen Steffen, quite old a dwarf. Claims to be a farmer and gardener, and seems to have high expectations around the great knight who saved them.
  • Meine Dwardduirzar, an old dwarf. A cook, grateful for not having to fear for his life anymore.
  • Morrigu, a young dwarven child. Hates the necromancer with frothing fury and looks very suspiciously at any possible spellcasters. Speaks in a strange mix of dwarven, orcish and goblin.
  • Merynoicah Smokegrower (Merry), an oldish hobbit, in tears of joy. With the brave knight here, everything will be fine again.
  • Driago Noseriver, another oldish hobbit. Another cook. A famous and excellent architect, claims he.
  • Froham Hayhome, an ancient halfling. A miner, but too old to lift a pick anymore. Very afraid of something, or maybe everything.
  • Eht, a very young elf (maybe 4 or 5 in human years). Stays with the dwarves. Silent, barely speaks. Does not take initiative.


The prisoners have been there for months or years. The necromancer had been capturing more slaves every now and then, and killing them arbitrarily, sometimes feeding to the trolls, orcs, goblins or the wolf, sometimes tossing down the cliff, sometimes turning into a shambling corpse. This, coupled with the mistreatment, has been quite unpleasant.

  • The mines are not exhausted. There are undead miners, who do hate the living and kill us when given the possibility.
  • Kurjan was certain that in the main tunnel, were one to continue it even deeper, there would the heart of the hill or the heart of the mountain. It would be very powerful, but the tunnel kept collapsing, no matter how it was reinforced or built. Many have died in the attempt to go there.
  • From some side tunnels there comes a sweet smell. Very few who went there ever came back, and those who did were immediately killed by the necromancer. He had the flesh boiled from them at once.
  • Sometimes something wanders in from the deep. It is best not to be the first who goes into the mines.
Brightstone keep and the former prisoners


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