This is a central location in my campaign world. I record it here for ease of reference.

Heatherleigh (suomeksi Kanervaketo, på norsk Lyngeng) is the capital ”city” of the Dragonclaw barony, a barony on the wrong (western) side of the mountains, when compared to the rest of civilization and the metropolis that is Joli. It is serves as a nice punishment for nobles that need to be out of mind, but who do not deserve death.

There live around 2300 people there and more in the surrounding areas. A river flows by. On the western side, where the city is, are some villages: Huredmere, the village with no name, and farther to the south, Hommlet and Nulb. On the eastern side of the river (one end of a large bridge is in the city) the closest village is that of Dale, but there are others, such as Caermor amd Evermore. A road through Huredmere later branches off and leads to Arkinsburg/Winterhaven, now more or less deserted, if following King’s road to the right, and Melford and other minor settlements if turning to the left branch of the road.

The situation in Heatherleigh is unstable. Baron Domongart MacNair, much loved, is dead, and baroness Molmoria MacNair, less loved, might have been the reason, or perhaps it was the assassin who led a group of goblinkin into the palace-castle, motivated by an old love. Many died in the attack; in particular, there is a distinct lack of city guards. There is a new cult in the city. They have been gathering followers from among the less well-off, mostly, and they seem to pay their respects to the three values, or queens, or gods: time, love and non-violence. The baroness fears that if guards are deployed elsewhere, there will be a coup or a violent uprising.

There are problems outside. There are goblins north of Dale, in the Llancrest woods. They may be allied with the ones that tried the assassination. Outlaws have taken over the nameless village. A monster attacked Huredmere, but has since left. Rumours from Hommlett tell of increased activity of bandits and worse, but there is no such warnings from Nulb. A giant has parked their castle next to Evermore and the northern trade route to civilization is thereby closed; not that the guards could do anything about it, anyway, and not that there would be any trade in the winter. The southern route is a little longer, but works well enough.

The weather is abnormally hot and wet. There are storms all the time, and the Earth mother is silent about her reasons from bringing them. Her cult is old and a major power in this area. She gives gifts, concrete ones like strange clothes, containers of hard but light material, and, some claim, weapons and items of power to the high priestess, the baroness MacNair. Sacrifices of food, wood, animals and even people are given to the Goddess through her mouth, a strange temple of bygone era, where the earth moves and takes the sacrifices somewhere deep. Later, Earth opens her womb and brings forth valuables.

Consequently, the local nobility wears very strange clothes of fabric not seen elsewhere as ceremonial clothing. (Reader might want to consider uniforms in old Start trek.)

Locals use their own language, Glakti, very different from others and unknown elsewhere. They also draw it with strange symbols. A majority know the trade language (common tongue) reasonably well.

Buying things

The place uses the price list of Pathfinder roleplaying game, available for example at https://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment/

There are people willing to exchange money: They accepts coins listed in the website above and will pay it back in copper, silver or gold, at 1 percent transaction fee.

Magic items worth less than 1050 gold are often available, but finding any takes at least a day. Some more expensive or rarer stuff is also available, but you will not hear about it before making it clear that you can afford it.

A player asked about healing potions. The cheapest ones that are available are:

  • Potion of cure moderate wounds, 2d8+3 hp, 300 gp, 1 available
  • Potions of celestial healing: heal 1 hp per round, detect as angel due to goodness infusing you; 1 round, 100 gp, 6 available
  • Potion of infernal healing: heal 1 hp per round and detect as fiend due to evilness infusing you, 1 minute (10 rounds); 100 gp, 6 available
  • Oil of goodberry: Treats 2d4 fresh berries, each of which heals 1 hp (up to 8 per day) and counts as a meal when eaten. (Finding fresh berries in the winter will be tricky.) – Berries stay 1 day, 50 gp, 5 available.
  • Hemochem: Heal hit points per round for one minute (10 rounds). Does not stack with itself. Grade I: 1 hp, 250 gp, 1 available.


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